About Us


About Us

Climate change is viewed by our organization as being the most significant threat to our survival as a human population.

Adaptive Management and Finance (Pty) Ltd is an enterprise which aims to provide specialist climate change and development research and consultancy services to all sectors of the economy.

Adaptive Management and Finance (AMAF) is built on an associate-partnership model where the expertise required is tailored to the individual needs of the project or programme to ensure that it is delivered at the highest level possible with a focus on effectiveness, outcomes and scalability.

The desire of our organization is to move away from the current rhetoric and bureaucracy within the climate change and development space towards a more action-orientated approach.

Our Mission

To build working relationships with our clients and provide exceptional services that ultimately leads to emission abatement benefits or vulnerability reduction.

Our Vision

To position Adaptive Management and Finance (AMAF) as a trusted implementer of climate change and development projects and programmes globally.

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