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In 2019, the World Economic Forum concluded that the top two global risks are related to extreme weather events, which may increase in frequency and magnitude owing to climate change and the failure to implement climate mitigation and adaptation measures. Africa, as is well-documented, is predicted to be the region most affected by climate change owing to a lack of adaptive capacity. Therefore, it is critical that the private sector organizations focused on providing expertise and sound advisory services to climate change decision makers do so in a responsible and rigorous manner. AMAF offer various services related to climate finance and climate policy.

Having undertaken various projects at all scales (local, provincial, national and international), AMAF is well positioned to deliver services across various areas of climate change including:

Climate and Adaptation Finance

  • Green bond Framework Development
  • Climate Fund Applications
  • Financial Modelling and Financial Structuring

Adaptation Economics

  • Adaptation Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Avoided Economic Loss Assessments
  • Adaptation Incentive Design

Sustainable Finance and ESG

  • Internal and External ESG Reporting and Assurance
  • Equator Principles/IFC Performance Standards Gap Assessments and Compliance Audits
  • Physical Climate Risk Disclosure and TCFD Alignment

Climate Risk Management

  • Microfinance and Microinsurance Services
  • Index-based Insurance Development
  • Research and Training Delivery

Climate Policy

  • Carbon Tax Assessements and Emission Trading Design
  • Carbon Inventories and Footprinting
  • Climate Policy and Strategy Development

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